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Please remember that you should attend alone for any appointment at the hospital, unless you need a carer or are a child patient. All outpatients and anyone attending the hospital should wear a face covering at all times when in the hospital building. Patient visiting has been reinstated on some wards, with conditions. Ultrasound appointments are by referral only. If you have been referred by your doctor, please bring your referral letter with you to your appointment. When you attend hospital with pain or bleeding in early pregnancy, we understand that you are anxious and worried about whether or not your pregnancy will continue. We want to support you during this stressful and worrying time and are here to listen and advise you. Once we have discussed your individual situation and obtained a history of all your relevant medical information, we are then able to plan your further assessment and treatment with you.

Medway Maritime Hospital makes a packet on baby scan pictures

There is a simple method of identifying women who are at very high risk of developing preeclampsia. During a hospital visit at 35 — 36 weeks of pregnancy, information is recorded about maternal characteristics such as age, weight, and race and medical history such as chronic hypertension, diabetes, and if previous pregnancies were complicated by preeclampsia. Those women found to be at high risk are invited to participate in this study, which investigates whether the use of a drug called pravastatin can prevent the development of preeclampsia.

Who can participate? Pregnant women age over 18 who are at high risk of preeclampsia What does the study involve? Participants are randomly allocated to take one capsule per day of either pravastatin or a matching placebo dummy drug.

Ultrasound scan – Examines internal organs and blood flow to diagnose or monitor conditions.. Choose Spire Alexandra Hospital.

An ultrasound scan is an examination using a special device which is sensitive to sound waves. A special jelly-like substance is put on your skin to allow the sound waves to be easily recorded and displayed on screen. Sound waves are emitted by a hand held device called a transducer. The transducer then directs inaudible, high-frequency sound waves in to the body. As these waves pass through the body they come in contact with the body’s fluids and tissues, this causes some of the sound to be reflected bounced back to the transducer which then records the strength and character of the reflected waves.

The different signal strengths are then converted by the ultrasound machine to be viewed as pictures on its screen.

Ultrasound scan

We welcome your views on our website and invite you to take part in a brief survey when you’ve finished your visit. At the Spire Alexandra Hospital, Kent, we recognise that while pregnancy can be a very exciting time, it can also be a time of great anxiety. By providing a comprehensive specialist pregnancy ultrasound service in a calm and relaxing atmosphere we aim to help parents-to-be and their families enjoy the experience of seeing their unborn baby grow and develop in the womb. Conventional ultrasound machines produce a 2D cross section image but advances in ultrasound technology allow a sequence of 2D images to be digitally reconstructed to produce a 3D picture of your baby.

More recent advances allow the reconstruction to occur so fast that the baby can be seen moving in real time 3D known as 4D scanning. If you are insured and your insurance company has agreed to cover the cost of the scan please contact them to discuss the prices further as they may differ depending on your policy.

patients in convenient central locations including a number of NHS and Private hospitals. If your patient requires an MRI scan, please select the “Alliance Medical MRI will be contacted by telephone or letter to organise a date for their scan. able to deliver services under the AQP contract for NHS Kent and Medway.

She said: “When you book your scan they ask you to pay for the photos beforehand, so if your baby’s not playing ball you might end up with a set of photos not showing you much. But despite the charges at Medway Maritime, a number of women claim to have at times been given the photos free. Su Button, 36, of St Mary’s Island said: “I went for my 22 weeks scan and I didn’t ask for photos but they had already printed them off and gave them free of charge and at my last scan I got another free picture.

Dartford NHS Trust said: “All scans we take are now stored digitally so we buy the paper especially for the print-outs. Listings service brought to you by KentOnline for local businesses who are offering services during the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is devastating families across the country. Here we pay tribute to those who have died from the virus in Kent.


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KIMS Hospital offer ultrasound scans and imaging to help create a picture inside the body, to aid diagnosis. Specialist Consultants, leading facilities.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, you will now need to book your first appointment with your Community Midwife. Appointments to see a midwife can be made at your GP surgery, it is not necessary to be referred via your GP. A team of Community Midwives and Maternity Care Assistants known as MCAs administer care to over women in Swindon during their pregnancy and in the early days when they are at home with their baby. Diet and wellbeing is even more important now that you are pregnant, whilst waiting for your first appointment with the midwife, and thereafter you can obtain advice on diet and how to optimise your health in pregnancy on the NHS website: Have a healthy diet in pregnancy www.

This midwife will risk assess your individual needs at the beginning and throughout pregnancy. At your first appointment booking appointment you will be given yellow set of notes which will become your maternity records for this pregnancy. These notes are a vital record of your pregnancy therefore it is important that you keep these records safe and bring them with you to every antenatal appointment so we are aware of your individual care pathway.


Sudula has specialised in Musculoskeletal Medicine for the last 15 years, during this time he has gained Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine, Injection therapy and more recently a Postgraduate certificate in musculoskeletal ultrasound from Canterbury Christ Church University. He is the first physiotherapist to hold formal qualifications in both Independent prescribing and MSK ultrasound in the UK. Sudula is the first physiotherapist from UK to obtain a visiting fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Radiology department, which is internationally acclaimed institution for its work on MSK Ultrasound.

Welcome to MedRay Imaging, the Lower Mainland’s premier MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Diagnostic Breast Imaging, Screening Mammogram and Pain.

However with the introduction of AQP through Choose and Book, we are now able to accept even more referrals directly from GPs offering patients both choice and speed of access at the right time in the right location. AQP introduces a new way of thinking, allowing you as the GP to direct patients onto their required pathway without having to refer into secondary care, resulting in a faster service for you and your patients.

Furthermore, this alleviates the pressure on secondary care so they can treat patients who require hospitalisation. The referral process is simple. Alliance Medical will remove the administrative burden that is normally involved in referral processes. Once you have chosen us on choose and book we will contact your patient by phone;. More complex scans include:. This GP direct access service allows you to refer patients onto their required pathway without having to refer into secondary care, resulting in a faster service for you and your patients.

If our patient requires an MRI scan, please send your completed referral proforma by post or fax to the site. Then following receipt of the referral, the patient will be contacted by telephone or letter to organise a date for their scan. The location at Mount Gould Hospital means patients do not now have to travel into the main Acute Hospital and benefit not only from the excellent and quick service but also its free parking and excellent transport links. The MRI direct access service allows GPs to refer patients direct without having to refer into secondary care, resulting in a faster service for patients.

The Non Obstetric Ultrasound direct access service allows GPs to refer patients direct without having to refer into secondary care, resulting in a faster service for patients. Please send your completed referral proforma by post, fax or email to the site.

Randomised controlled trial with pravastatin versus placebo for prevention of preeclampsia

We are the only baby scan and gynaecology scanning service in Medway, Kent provided by a qualified Midwife offering a personal service and with longer appointment times than all other scanning companies. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and strive to offer a truly professional service that is second to none. There are no gimmicks or packages, instead complete diagnostic scan services that all include the wellbeing of mum and baby foremost with the wonderful addition of a unique experience to help you and your family and friends to bond with your baby and to provide expert assurance that all is well with you both.

We offer out of hours scans on request in extreme circumstances particularly where there are concerns regarding pregnancy and we have robust referral criteria with professional links with local hospitals if necessary.

Spire Alexandra Hospital – Pregnancy ultrasound scanning service. Our specialist in fetal medicine offers comprehensive 3D and 4D pregnancy scans.

Keeping active during your pregnancy will not only benefit your own health and that of your baby but will also help pass the time and probably find you a new bunch of friends all in one go. From swimming and water-based aerobic style classes to yoga and pilates there is plenty taking place across Kent for mums-to-be. While some classes involve a brief chat with a midwife or medical professional before taking part, others will rely on you to be responsible so it is best to check with your own midwife before embarking on anything new.

Puddle Ducks run aquanatal classes across east and west Kent in a number of private, school and leisure club pools. It is a gentle mix of yoga, relaxation and aquacise. Pregnancy and post-natal yoga take place with Mama Medway currently at the Woodlands Academy in Gillingham. Please email mamamedway gmail. The Cyclopark at Gravesend currently runs Pregnancy Yoga classes suitable for mums who have reached 14 weeks gestation.

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We are making changes to keep mums, babies and families safe. We are very sorry to ask you to do this at such an important time for you and your family. But your safety and that of your baby and your family is our top priority. We will contact you to discuss any changes to your upcoming appointment.

Ultrasound scan (when you are 11 to 14 weeks Medway Maritime Hospital,. Gillingham water injections, reflexology, hypnobirthing (available privately), or.

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. The scan checks the physical development of your baby, although it cannot pick up every condition. The week scan is carried out in the same way as the week scan. It produces a 2-dimensional 2-D black and white image that gives only a side view of the baby. The NHS screening programme doesn’t use 3-D or colour images. The scan is a medical examination. You’ll be asked to give your permission for it to be carried out.

They will advise you about what to do.

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We are happy for family and friends to attend, however due to the current circumstances of Covid we recommend 1 companion with the patient and no children. All of our sonographers are qualified with diagnostic obstetric and General ulltrasound scanning experience and work within the NHS alongside their role with Ultrasound Partners Ltd. Yes, our services are a complementary service, which works alongside the NHS.

An ultrasound scan is an examination using a special device which is sensitive Obstetric ultrasound scans are specifically related to pregnancy and the baby’s.

If you or your family are experiencing any of the following symptoms:. We kindly ask that you call our office to reschedule your appointment. No walk ins allowed at this time. Appointment Bookings and General Inquiries MRI Bookings We can no longer allow their guests in the waiting room or the procedure room. We appreciate your understanding.

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